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Are you looking for a place to do quality tests? Contact the clinic "Doctor Pro"!

Are According to WHO, tests provide the doctor with up to 80% of the information about the patient's health status.

Are To make a correct diagnosis, the therapist needs not only to examine the patient and listen to complaints, but also to send them to laboratory examinations (tests).

Are You can get a referral for tests in Minsk at an appointment with a general practitioner of the Doctor PROFI multidisciplinary center. After receiving the results, the therapist will help you decipher the tests and tell you how to proceed.

Are As a rule, tests are prescribed to the patient at least three times:

  • when making a diagnosis,
  • to monitor the recovery process,
  • immediately after the course of treatment.

High-quality tests are the key to the most effective treatment

If you do not pass tests, this can lead to an erroneous diagnosis or incomplete recovery, which is fraught with a relapse of the disease.

The equipment of the clinical and diagnostic laboratory allows you to quickly and accurately conduct research on materials.

If you are looking for a place to take tests in Minsk with maximum comfort, come to our center. Here you will pass all the necessary tests. You will receive the results as soon as they are ready – the originals in our center, the electronic version – by e-mail. Here you can get a consultation with a specialist doctor and find out your health status.

Analyzes in Minsk, carried out at Doctor PROFI:

  • Hormone tests
  • Allergen tests
  • Hematological examinations:
  • detailed blood test
  • Express tests:
  • Blood test for syphilis,
  • HIV,
  • Hepatitis B",
  • hepatitis "C".
  • Urological examinations:
  • General urine analysis,
  • urine analysis according to Nechiporenko.
  • Biochemical research:
  • lanin aminotransferase (ALT),
  • aspartate aminotransferase (AST),
  • albumen,
  • alpha-amylase,
  • total bilirubin,
  • direct bilirubin,
  • total protein,
  • glucose,
  • gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT),
  • iron,
  • creatinine,
  • calcium,
  • high density lipoproteins (HDL),
  • urea,
  • uric acid,
  • triglycerides,
  • total cholesterol,
  • alkaline phosphatase.
  • Clinical researches:
  • blood tests for helminths,
  • microscopic examination of gynecological smears (from three points),
  • microscopic examination of andrological smears (from one point).

Advantages of taking tests at Doctor PROFI

Медицинский центр в Минске
Patient care

We do everything possible to make the diagnosis in the Doctor PROFI clinic comfortable for our patients. We are proud of our diagnostic base, the professionalism of doctors who possess the most advanced technologies. You will be able to look into every office, in every corner of the clinic. We have no secrets from you!

Медицинский центр в Минске
Own clinical and diagnostic laboratory

The Doctor PROFI clinic has its own clinical and diagnostic laboratory. Here, without waiting lists, you can pass tests that will be required for diagnosis and further treatment. We cooperate with the best laboratory - INVITRO. You can take biochemical tests and morphological studies, a general blood test, tests for AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis, a smear on the mucosal microflora, etc. The result will be sent to you on the day you receive it!

Медицинский центр в Минске
Multidisciplinary Center

The Doctor PROFI clinic is a multidisciplinary family medical center, so if you need advice from related specialists, you do not have to go to another clinic.

Медицинский центр в Минске
Experienced medical staff

Our procedural nurses are professionals in their field, they will comfortably carry out even the most complex manipulations.

Медицинский центр в Минске
Convenient parking

Around the medical center, which is located near the bus stop "Lopatina 7", there is a large convenient parking lot. Therefore, an appointment with a specialist can be easily reached both by public transport and by car.

Медицинский центр в Минске
On-line appointment and cash and non-cash payment

You can make an appointment with the clinic's specialists not only by multi-channel phone numbers 7503 (A1, MTS, Life), +375 (29) 323-75-03 Contacts viber and through the clinic's website – fill out the feedback form or order a call. For your convenience, the clinic has cash and non-cash payment.