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Dental Implantation All on 6

Dental implants All on 6

This is a method of implantation, in which a prosthesis of the entire dentition is made, and it is supported on six supports – implants. The implantologist places them in such a way that the load is even, and the prosthesis is firmly held.

Implantation of All On 6 is a relatively new method of dental restoration, and it has established itself as an effective and reliable technique with undeniable advantages over classical implantation. Thanks to the All-On-6 implant, all teeth can be restored in just one day. And this is an ideal option if there are almost no teeth left in the jaw or they have all fallen out/been removed.

The essence of the "All for 6" implantation»

To restore severely damaged or completely missing teeth, the implantologist implants six titanium rods in the jaw. This is the support of the future prosthesis. In the dental laboratory, a technician will make an individual prosthesis for your jaw. The dentist will fix the structure on your jaw, and in a few hours you will find a beautiful smile and be able to chew with new teeth and talk-to lead a familiar lifestyle.

Implantation on 6 implants is usually performed in cases where the jaw is massive. Often 4 implants are enough – then they do an All-on-4 implant.

The All On 6 implant provides an aesthetic result. Teeth look like real teeth, perfectly perform the chewing function, easy to care for. The prosthesis itself does not cover the palate, so you will feel the taste of food, and is comfortable to wear.

How do All-On-6 implants work?

First, you need to make sure that this method of implantation is suitable for you. To do this, go through:

  • consult an implantologist. The doctor will study the medical history, conduct an examination of the oral cavity, and view X-rays. The dentist will determine whether it is possible to perform an All on 6 implant in your case. If such an implantation is not possible in your particular case, the specialist will suggest other options;
  • 3D computed tomography. The doctor will receive three-dimensional images of the upper, lower, or both jaws, and use them to determine the optimal placement of implants, their type, size, and number. The doctor will draw up a treatment program and introduce you to it. If everything suits you, the implant surgeon will schedule the day of the operation.

The operation itself goes like this:

  • the doctor performs local anesthesia and inserts 6 implants in pre-selected places and at the desired angle. Anterior implants are usually placed parallel to the growth of their teeth, while lateral or posterior implants are fixed at an angle. The angle can be from 30 to 45° and is selected individually. The correct load distribution depends on the location of the implants, and this, in turn, directly affects the quality of your life with the prosthesis;
  • then the doctor installs the already made prosthesis-immediately on the day of the operation or a week later. The dentist fixes the prosthesis to the implants, and in a few hours you will be able to eat soft food, smile and talk. After 12 hours, you can gradually increase the load on the prosthesis – introduce solid food into the diet, and after a few days you can completely return to the usual diet.

Advantages of the All On 6 method

  • It's fast. You will receive new teeth in a week, you do not need to wait for six months, as it happens with classical implantation;
  • Safe and secure. Implantation on 6 supports has been practiced in the USA for 20 years. Belarusian specialists have also mastered this method and successfully apply it in their practice;
  • Long-lasting. The prosthesis lasts for several decades, if properly cared for. Our specialists always tell patients how to take care of the prosthesis;
  • There is no need for a sinus lift. Classic implantation most often requires bone augmentation. And this is additional time (recovery takes 3 months), financial expenses, surgical intervention. With All On 6, bone augmentation is often dispensed with.


Contraindications for All-On-6 are the same as for other types of implantations:

  • diabetes,
  • blood clotting disorder,
  • weakened immunity
  • periodontitis or periodontal disease or periodontitis.

All-on-6 implantation in the medical center "Doctor PROFI"

For the All-on-6 implantation to be successful and the prosthesis to delight you for decades, it is important:

  • quality of implants,
  • professionalism of an implant surgeon and an orthopedic dentist,
  • the quality of the manufactured prosthesis,
  • high technical equipment of the clinic.

We in the medical center "Doctor PROFI" use only foreign high-quality implants. We employ doctors who are able to solve even complex clinical problems. We manufacture prostheses in our own dental laboratory according to individual impressions and from high-quality materials. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment, including even a 3D tomograph - an apparatus that allows you to obtain a three-dimensional model of the jaws.

If you want to have an "All for 6" implantation in Minsk, please contact "Doctor PROFI". Online booking

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Advantages of contacting an orthopedist and implantologist in "Doctor PROFI"

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Patient care

We do our best to ensure that the treatment at the Doctor PROFI clinic is comfortable for our patients. We are proud of our medical and diagnostic facilities, and the professionalism of doctors who use the most advanced technologies. You will be able to look into every office, in every corner of the clinic. We have no secrets from you!

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Specialized Implant Placement Clinic

The Doctor PROFI clinic is equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment that allows you to perform even the most complex procedures. In the Doctor PROFI center, some surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia. We use only high-quality, proven and up-to-date drugs.

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Doctors of the highest category with more than 20 years of successful work

Our dental implatologists and orthopaedists are professionals in their field, associate professors, and candidates of medical sciences who annually make presentations and presentations at international scientific conferences, as well as improve their skills, study at seminars and courses of leading specialists of the world.

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Best Implant Systems

We use the most modern and time-tested dental implant systems with a high level of successful implantation in the Doctor PROFI clinic: MegaGen, MIS, Srtaumann, NobelBiocare.

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Own operating room, hospital and state-of-the-art laboratory

If necessary, you can be assigned an operation that is performed directly in our medical center, in your own operating room. And specially equipped hospital wards will allow you to recover in comfortable conditions. In the clinical and diagnostic laboratory, you can take the necessary tests.

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Computer-based planning in the "tooth in one day" program»

The use of 3D templates in the Doctor PROFI clinic is the basis for high-quality implantation and allows you to install a temporary fixed prosthesis on the day of surgery.