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Two-stage dental implantation

Two-stage dental implantation

Two-stage implantation is the classic and most popular prosthetic method. Two-stage implantation is used when it is necessary to restore the elements of the dentition, to create support for the bridges.

Features of two-stage implantation

Prosthetics takes place in two stages. At the first session, the doctor fixes a titanium implant in the bone tissue. It looks like a threaded rod and acts as a tooth root. After that, it takes time for the implant to take root - usually 3–6 months. And after that, the second stage of implantation begins - the installation of a crown (a prosthesis of the visible part of the tooth).

Briefly, the two-stage implantation process is presented in six steps:

  1. the doctor cuts the gum,
  2. installs an implant into the socket,
  3. sutures the gum. The implant takes root;
  4. the doctor cuts the gum over the implant;
  5. sets the abutment - the basis for the prosthesis;
  6. prosthetic crown.

In our clinic "Doctor PROFI" only high-quality implants are used. They are made from completely biocompatible materials, are well accepted by the body and take root quickly. Engraftment does not cause significant inconvenience to patients - this is also indicated by reviews of two-stage implantation.

When can I have two-stage implantation?

Two-stage implantation has almost no contraindications. It is suitable for most cases when a tooth has fallen out / extracted, for example, when:

  • the tooth was removed due to inflammation caused by a complication of caries;
  • the tooth was removed due to trauma. This can be a dislocation or fracture of the tooth root;
  • teeth have been lost for a long time;
  • the tooth is missing from birth.

How is the classic implantation performed in two stages?

Before a two-stage implantation, you need:

  • take a 3D image, consult an implant surgeon and orthopedist;
  • sanitize the oral cavity: undergo professional cleaning of plaque, cure all caries and pulpitis;
  • remove decayed teeth that cannot be saved. In some cases, tooth extraction and implantation can be completed in one procedure, and sometimes it takes time for the bone to heal. This usually takes 3 months;
  • to do a sinus lift. This is only necessary in cases where there is not enough bone tissue at the site of the implant.

Only then can implantation be done. At Doctor PROFI, two-stage implantation is carried out as follows:

  • the doctor anesthetizes the desired area,
  • cuts the gum
  • forms a socket for an implant in the bone,
  • installs the implant,
  • sutures the gum.

Sometimes, at this stage, the dentist will install a gum shaper.

The doctor will prescribe you antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, will give you recommendations for the care of the seam and oral cavity.

Our specialists use self-absorbable suture material, so there is no need to remove the sutures. But if you feel discomfort from them, then our surgeon can remove the stitches in 10-12 days.

3–6 months after the implantation of the implant, a control X-ray is taken to assess the engraftability of the implant. If the implant has taken root, the doctor:

  • a gum former is installed under anesthesia (if it was not installed at the first stage),
  • prosthetics on an implant - installs an artificial tooth.

Advantages of two-stage implantation

The good thing about two-stage implantation is that the procedure is reliable and predictable:

  • the best conditions are provided for the engraftment of the implant, since it
  • is not immediately loaded by the crown and is able to firmly anchor in the bone;
  • it is possible to install the implant even in a loose osteoporotic bone, for
  • example, type D. Such bone resembles foam;
  • the final result looks aesthetically pleasing and natural;
  • there is no limit on the number of teeth that can be restored;
  • a large selection of implants from different manufacturers;
  • the time slot allows the patient to financially prepare for the second stage.

Disadvantages of two-stage implantation

  • great elongation in time: two-stage implantation is extended for a period of 4 to 7 months;
  • sometimes temporary removable dentures are required while the implant heals.


There are no special contraindications for two-stage implantation - they are the same as for other types of implantation. It:

  • age up to 18 years. Until this time, the jaw bones are still growing, so it is better to wait with the implantation;
  • diabetes mellitus with uncontrolled blood glucose levels;
  • recently suffered a heart attack, stroke;
  • recent radiation or chemotherapy;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • infectious diseases.
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