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Dental Splinting

Dental Splinting

Many dental centers in Minsk are engaged in dental splinting, but only here, in the multi-specialty clinic "Doctor PROFI", you will get splinting made of pressed fiberglass using the unique Targis/Vectris Ivoclar technology.

What does dental splinting do for a patient?

Splinting your teeth allows you to preserve your teeth and prevent them from falling out. The dentist makes a splint and secures it for a certain period of time. The splint connects the teeth together, so that the load is distributed evenly, the risk of individual tooth loss disappears, and the tissues are restored.

The Doctor PROFI clinic performs all modern types of therapeutic and orthopedic splinting:

  • ribbon Ribbon,
  • polyaramide fibers,
  • braided wire arc,
  • a thread made of pressed fiberglass.

The dentist will tell you which splint method to choose, whether to put a temporary splint or a permanent one. The choice of the method of dental splinting is influenced by the clinical picture of the disease, the state of the oral cavity, the presence of dental deposits, bleeding gums, the degree of tooth mobility, the nature of their displacement, etc.

The most innovative method of splinting is based on the use of fiberglass thread.

Advantages of splinting teeth with fiberglass tape

Pressed fiberglass splints are best suited for applications that require splinting of the front teeth, when mobile teeth are splinted, and also in cases of temporary splinting of teeth, although this technology is focused specifically on non-removable splinting.

Here's what makes pressed fiberglass tires better:

  • Such splinting allows you to save even very loose teeth and eliminate the possibility of premature bone atrophy;
  • Greater strength and durability due to the significantly higher number of fibers in fiberglass compared to other materials;
  • Minimal trauma to teeth and gums. If you have to sharpen your teeth and remove the pulp with classic splinting, then there is no such need;
  • Nothing interferes with full-fledged hygienic dental care;
  • Polymerization shrinkage will not lead to tooth displacement;
  • Splinting your teeth with fiberglass takes less time – usually two sessions of 20 minutes each.

Before splinting, you need to cure all caries and pulpitis. And also to carry out the procedure of professional oral hygiene.

Targis-Vectris-exclusive dental splinting technology in the Doctor Pro clinic»

The Targis-Vectris splint system is robust and resistant to abrasion, and meets high aesthetic requirements. Tires can be used in both the front and side sections. The main highlight of the system lies in the new composition of components: glass fiber reinforced with composite (Vectris), and keromer (Targis).

Such fiberglass allows you to arrange extended structures without using a metal frame, and keromer gives the tire a natural and neat appearance.

The splint is made in a dental laboratory, and the doctor can only fix it on the teeth. For a complete procedure, you need two short sessions with a doctor. At the first stage, the doctor makes impressions of the splinted teeth. Next, a specialist in the impression lab makes an individual fiberglass tire. In the next session, the dentist attaches the tire, polymerizes it, processes it, and covers it with Targis keromer.

The splint doesn't shrink enough to dislodge your teeth, so your teeth stay in place. The risk of falling out disappears, the chewing process is easier, and the pain during chewing load disappears.

Who does orthopedic dental splinting at the Doctor Profi clinic»

If you contact our center, orthopedic splinting of teeth will be done by Shebeko Vladimir Ivanovich. He has German and Russian diplomas of doctor and technician. This is the only specialist in Belarus who makes press tires using the Targis / Vectris method. Online booking