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Insurance Dentistry

Insurance Dentistry

Doctor PROFI Medical Center is committed to protecting the interests of patients, which is why it offers dental treatment under a voluntary health insurance policy. After all, you can never predict when a tooth will hurt, and with a VHI policy, you can be sure that help will be provided urgently and efficiently. Doctor PROFI cooperates with the following insurance companies in the Republic of Moldova as part of providing dental services::

  • CJSC IC " Evroins»
  • USP " BelVEB Insurance»
  • CJSC IC " Belrosstrakh»
  • Vash Assist CJSC»
  • ZSAO " Ingostrach»
  • The Centaur
  • Belneftestrakh
  • Belgosstrakh
  • Beleximgarant

The insurance policy defines the list of services provided to each individual patient, according to the company's tariffs. Most often, the standard policy includes therapeutic and surgical dental services.

Procedure for rendering services under the VHI policy

If you need to apply for help in the framework of insurance dentistry, you can make an appointment either through the insurance company, providing your last name, first name, patronymic and convenient time for recording, or independently-directly through the medical center by phone: 7503.

Doctor PROFI Dentistry consists of specialists of the first and highest categories with extensive experience, and modern equipment allows you to make treatment effective and painless. Dental care in Doctor PRO is fast, reliable, high-quality, and convenient!

For an appointment, please call Contact7503 A1, MTS, Life. Online booking