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Braces are not always used to straighten teeth. For small deviations, aligners can be used. They are similar to mouthguards, transparent in color and unpretentious in care. Bite correction is painless. For the manufacture of aligners, transparent polycarbonate is used. Since the bite is different for each person, a mold is made. Products are transparent in color, so they are as invisible as possible.

Aligners to straighten teeth apply gentle but constant pressure, as a result of which the teeth move strictly along a predetermined trajectory.

The choice of the method of correction should be decided exclusively by the orthodontist. Since not all cases can be corrected with this device.

Benefits of aligners

This system should be preferred for the following reasons:

  • using computer modeling, you can find out the timing of correcting the
  • bite with aligners;
  • you can take off and put on yourself;
  • do not injure the oral cavity, unlike braces;
  • do not require special toothbrushes, it is easier to care for than braces;
  • you can eat any food without the risk of deformation.


Dental aligners can help you cope with several problems, namely:

  • if there is twisting of the teeth;
  • if the patient has a distal, straight, cross or open bite;
  • if there is a distance between the teeth.


Contraindications include the following cases:

  • the patient has jaw abnormalities;
  • periodontium (acute stage);
  • if the bone tissue is severely destroyed;
  • tartar;
  • teeth that have not erupted;
  • severe diseases of internal organs.

Installing aligners

Preparation for installation begins with dental treatment. This is followed by an x-ray. Then impressions, plaster models and a special template are made. Completes the stage of preparing a photo of the patient's face from all sides.

All material is sent to the manufacturing company. After the aligners are made, the patient comes to the doctor's appointment. The orthodontist installs the first set and gives the patient several replacement ones. Also conducts detailed instructions.

You need to see a doctor every 6 weeks. The mouthguard is changed every two weeks. When it is time to stop wearing aligners, the doctor decides, in some cases the period is 24 months. Wear at least 22 hours a day. It is allowed to take them off only for eating and brushing your teeth. Aligners are suitable for both children and adults.

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