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Clasp prostheses

Clasp prostheses

The absence of several consecutive standing chewing or front teeth causes a person both physical and aesthetic discomfort. Putting a dental bridge in this case is dangerous, as it will not withstand the load, and artificial implants are usually too expensive. In this case, we use clasp prosthetics, as it is optimal in terms of price, quality, and ease of wearing.

A characteristic feature of such removable dentures is the presence of a metal arch (clasp), to which artificial teeth are attached. This mechanism allows you to maintain the strength of the structure, while significantly reducing the volume and thickness of the base made of plastic or nylon. Clasp dentures are compact and take up less space in the oral cavity. If the prosthesis is installed, for example, on the upper dentition, then it will not completely cover the palate.


This type of prosthetics is used for partial restoration of the jaw, since healthy teeth must be used for installation. Among the main indications for the installation of clasp prostheses, the following can be distinguished::

  • the absence of several consecutive teeth in one row (in certain cases, even one tooth can be restored).);
  • periodontal disease (strengthening the jaw is done with a splint attachment);
  • malocclusion due to missing teeth;
  • weak enamel, tendency to its abrasion.


In comparison with other methods of dental restoration, clasp prostheses have the following advantages::

  • it is installed on both the lower and upper jaw;
  • fastening of the clasp does not allow the neighboring teeth to wear out and wear out;
  • thanks to the arc, the chewing load is distributed evenly;
  • the prosthesis is cast, strong, without fragile plastic elements;
  • the service life is about 10 years;
  • after getting used to the design, it does not cause discomfort in the mouth.

Types of clasp prostheses

Depending on the method of fixing the metal arch in the oral cavity, there are four types of structures: a clasp prosthesis on clasps, on attachments, on telescopic crowns, and splinting. Each type of attachment has its own advantages and disadvantages and is chosen together with the dentist.

Clamp mount

Dentures are fixed to the supporting teeth with metal hooks-clamps. This design allows you to securely fasten the prosthesis and fix the teeth during periodontal disease. Each hook is selected individually according to the size of the tooth in order to cover it as tightly as possible and soften unpleasant sensations. Despite the ease of use, the clamp attachment can cause aesthetic inconvenience: when talking, metal hooks are visible on the supporting teeth.


In comparison with the clamp attachment, the clasp prosthesis on attachments is more difficult to install, and therefore it is more expensive. The peculiarity of fixation is that small locks are implanted in the supporting teeth, which connects to the second part of the prosthesis, welded to the arc.

This type of attachment is very strong, which will avoid awkward situations during wearing, and is also invisible to others. But this requires more dental intervention.

Telescopic crowns

This is the most technically complex and expensive prosthetics option. To fix the clasp prosthesis on telescopic crowns, the supporting teeth are sharpened, metal caps are put on them, which are the basic part of such a crown. And the upper part of the prosthesis is built into the very structure of the prosthesis, and when the two components of the crown are combined, the most reliable fixation of the prosthesis is ensured. After installation, the fasteners look like ordinary crowns and are completely invisible to others. At least four telescopic crowns are required for good fixation.


This type of removable denture is used for gum diseases and periodontal disease. With the help of a splinting structure, not only lost teeth are restored, but also those that are loose are fixed. The effectiveness of strengthening directly depends on the stage of the disease, so it is recommended to start treatment as early as possible.

How the installation works

The manufacture and installation of clasp prostheses includes two main interrelated stages: clinical (in the dentist's office) and laboratory (construction of the structure). In this case, the entire process is carried out in stages as follows:

  • an orthodontist examines the patient, identifies possible dental diseases, and analyzes the bite;
  • depending on the situation and the patient's wishes, the type of prosthesis is determined;
  • treatment and elimination of inflammatory processes is performed, in case of installation of a telescopic or lock attachment, the supporting teeth are prepared (sharpened).;
  • casts are taken and plaster forms are made;
  • based on the impressions in the laboratory, a dental technician makes a metal frame;
  • the frame is tried on and, if necessary, sent for revision to the laboratory;
  • the finished product is tried on and attached in the oral cavity.

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