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Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction

The main task of dentistry is to preserve the patient's natural teeth. An empty hole is an extreme case of solving a problem.

If you want to remove a tooth, please come to us. First, we will find out whether an extreme measure is really needed or whether the tooth can still be saved. If it turns out that removal is required, we will perform the operation in such a way that you feel comfortable and that healing takes place quickly and without discomfort for you.

When do I need to remove a tooth?

  • For diseases of the jaw-periostitis and flux;
  • If the wisdom teeth are incorrectly positioned. When there is not enough space for them in the jaw, or they grow in the wrong position;
  • For tumors and complex fractures of the jaw. In this case, the teeth that are located in the area of the focus are removed;
  • With an incorrect bite, when one tooth bends the rest;
  • When the tooth is severely damaged and cannot be restored;
  • When the tooth interferes with the installation of the prosthesis.

How the procedure works

Most often, tooth extraction along with the root is quick and painless, but there are many myths around this procedure. In our clinic, everything happens like this:

  • first, the doctor anesthetizes the tooth. The dose is calculated so that you do not feel any pain;
  • then the dental surgeon removes the tooth. First, he loosens it a little, and
  • then removes it from the gum. All this takes a minute. In difficult cases,
  • when the tooth does not grow properly and sits deep, or with a special structure of the roots, the surgeon makes a small incision in the gum, and only then removes the tooth.

After removing the molars, it is possible to apply sutures to the gum so that it heals more quickly.

The dentist then puts a cotton swab on the resulting hole to stop the blood. He will tell you how to properly care for the oral cavity and what can and can not be done until the hole is tightened.

The procedure for removing teeth in children is even easier and faster, since baby teeth do not have roots.

Where to remove a tooth in Minsk

If you can't find a suitable dental clinic for tooth extraction, please come to us. We have highly qualified dental surgeons. They successfully handle even complex cases. Our patients easily tolerate the removal procedure and do not feel pain. At the end of the procedure, the doctor will give recommendations on how to care for the resulting hole before healing, as well as for the entire oral cavity. Online booking