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For high-quality and prompt diagnosis of diseases of the cervix and uterine cavity, such a modern endoscopic procedure as hysteroscopy is used. This research method allows you to examine and study the uterine cavity, and in the case of diagnosing diseases, to carry out medical manipulations. There are 2 types of hysteroscopy:

  • diagnostic or office hysteroscopy, in which the inner layer of the uterus is examined, the mucous membranes are examined, and material is taken for histology;
  • operative or hysteroresectoscopy, which is used to remove pathological formations (endometrial polyps, myoma nodes), is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting.

A control procedure can be assigned to observe and evaluate the result of the operation.

Indications for hysteroscopy

The purpose of the procedure is not only to diagnose pathologies, but also to treat them, therefore it is prescribed in the following cases:

  • suspicion of the development of a benign or malignant tumor;
  • manifestation of changes in the state and structure of the endometrium;
  • frequent cases of miscarriage;
  • menstrual irregularities, heavy bleeding;
  • suspicion of malformations of the cervix, falopian tubes;
  • elimination of benign proliferation of endometrial tissue;
  • removal of the polyp;
  • the presence of an adhesive process in the uterus;
  • removal of the intrauterine device from the uterine cavity and other cases.

The procedure for diagnostic hysteroscopy is prescribed only if it is impossible to accurately diagnose using non-invasive techniques (ultrasound, smear on microflora, and others).

How is the procedure

Routine hysteroscopy is performed on the 5-7th day of the cycle, when the endometrium is thin, but according to the doctor's prescription it can be prescribed 3-5 days before the end of the cycle, in an emergency, it is performed at any time.

Before the procedure, the patient is placed in a gynecological chair and anesthesia is administered. A thin tube with optical equipment is inserted through the cervix into the uterine cavity, which allows you to see the image on the monitor. After the diagnosis, if necessary, therapeutic measures are carried out with the help of surgical instruments introduced through a tube - a hysteroscope. After carrying out all the necessary research and manipulations, the tube is removed from the vagina, the patient is transferred to the ward to monitor her condition.

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Advantages of contacting a gynecologist at "Doctor PROFI"

Patient care

We do our best to make the treatment at the Doctor PROFI clinic comfortable for our patients. We are proud of our medical and diagnostic base, the professionalism of doctors who own the most advanced technologies. We offer you a cozy atmosphere, drinks and a WI-FI zone.

Multidisciplinary clinic

The Doctor PROFI clinic is a multidisciplinary family medical center, so if you need advice from related specialists, you do not have to go to another clinic.

Operating room equipment with the latest technology

The operating room is equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment that allows even the most complex procedures in gynecology, including plastic gynecological ones, to be carried out with minimal damage. In the Doctor PROFI center, all surgical procedures are performed under anesthesia (local anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, general anesthesia). We use only high-quality, proven and modern drugs that practically do not cause negative reactions.

Own operating room and hospital

If necessary, you can be assigned an operation, which is carried out directly in our medical center, in your own operating room. And specially equipped wards of the hospital will allow you to recover in comfortable conditions.

Experienced medical staff

Our gynecologists are professionals in their field, candidates of medical sciences with more than 15 years of successful work, annually improve their qualifications not only with the world's leading experts, but also conduct training seminars and courses themselves. If a specialist has identified a problem that requires surgical treatment, it can be carried out on the spot, with the help of an experienced gynecologist

Convenient parking and On-line appointment

Around the medical center, which is located near the bus stop "Lopatina 7", there is a large convenient parking lot. An appointment with a specialist can be easily reached both by public transport and by car. You can make an appointment with the clinic's specialists by calling 7503 (A1, MTS, Life), +375 (29) 323-75-03 Contacts viber and through the clinic's website - fill out a feedback form or order a call. For your convenience, the clinic has cash and non-cash payments.