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Treating snoring and sleep disorders

Treating snoring and sleep disorders

Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing temporarily stops during sleep

According to WHO statistics, a quarter of the world's population snores and half of them have the so-called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. In half of the cases, snoring causes sudden cardiac arrest during sleep. Every fifth accident involving a truck driver is due to the fact that he fell asleep at the wheel!

According to experts, it is the problems with oxygen saturation of the brain, which is noted in snoring people, that lead to the development of dementia at an early age.

Constant and intense snoring is more often a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea and necessarily requires a sleep examination to exclude nocturnal apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA) is characterized by:

  • the presence of loud snoring (at least in 90-95% of cases), periodic narrowing of the VDP at the pharyngeal level and the cessation of
  • pulmonary ventilation with continued respiratory efforts, a
  • decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood,
  • rough fragmentation of sleep,
  • excessive daytime drowsiness

For the diagnosis of sleep disorders in "Doctor PRO" we use a special device SOMNOcheck micro cardio. The device is used both in the hospital and at the patient's home. Read more about SOMNOcheck here.about SOMNOcheck here. Treating snoring and sleep disorders

The main methods of treatment for respiratory disorders in the clinic "Doctor PROFI"

  • conservative or surgical therapy by ENT doctors (removal of tonsils, adenoids, correction of the nasal septum, operations on the soft palate, palatine tongue) eliminates snoring, but often does not affect OSA
  • therapy by somnologists using devices of constant positive air pressure – CPAP therapy, but it is better in combination with intraoral devices
  • therapy performed by orthodontists, orthopedists and maxillofacial surgeons (orthodontic and intraoral devices, rational prosthetics, operations on the HF or LF).

Intraoral devices for the treatment of snoring are dental devices that keep the tongue and bass in a forward position, which allows you to eliminate the manifestations of respiratory disorders, snoring and very often bruxism during sleep.

The center employs doctors with extensive experience in the treatment of sleep disorders, who have received certificates in somnology.

In a series of videos, the doctor-otorhinolaryngologist of the highest qualification category Mishtovt Vadim Arnoldovich tells what is dangerous about snoring and how it is treated in the medical center "Doctor PROFI". Online booking

What is the danger of snoring and how is it treated?

In a series of videos, the doctor-otorhinolaryngologist of the highest qualification category Mishtovt Vadim Arnoldovich tells what is dangerous about snoring and how it is treated in the medical center "Doctor PROFI".

What is the danger of snoring and how is it treated?

Sleep diagnostic device

Modern ENT diagnostics (CBCT)

Why do we grind our teeth in our sleep

ENT doctors of the clinic "Doctor PROFI"
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Doctors treating snoring and sleep disorders
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Advantages of applying to ENT at "Doctor PROFI"

Медицинский центр в Минске
Patient care

We do our best to make the treatment at the Doctor PROFI clinic comfortable for our patients. We are proud of our medical and diagnostic base, the professionalism of doctors who own the most advanced technologies. You will be able to look into every office, into every corner of the clinic. We have no secrets from you!

Медицинский центр в Минске
Multidisciplinary Center

The Doctor PROFI clinic is a multidisciplinary family medical center, so if you need advice from related specialists, you do not have to go to another clinic.

Медицинский центр в Минске
Operating room equipment with the latest technology

The operating room is equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment, allowing even the most complex procedures to be carried out with minimal damage. In the Doctor PROFI center, all surgical procedures are performed under anesthesia (local anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, general anesthesia). We use only high-quality, proven and modern drugs that practically do not cause negative reactions

Медицинский центр в Минске
Own operating room, hospital and clinical diagnostic laboratory

If necessary, you can be assigned an operation, which is carried out directly in our medical center, in your own operating room. And specially equipped wards of the hospital will allow you to recover in comfortable conditions.In the clinical and diagnostic laboratory, biochemical tests and morphological studies, a general blood test, tests for AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis, a smear on the mucosal microflora, etc. are carried out.

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Experienced medical staff

Our otorhinolaryngologists are professionals in their field, they regularly improve their qualifications, study at seminars and courses of leading specialists of Belarus and the world.

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Operative treatment

If a specialist has identified a problem that requires surgical treatment, it can be carried out on the spot, with the help of an experienced ENT doctor.