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Identifying any disease at an early stage allows for more effective treatment and increases the chances of a full recovery. This is especially true for cancer. Timely accurate diagnosis and early detection of neoplasms is the first and important step towards recovery.

In the medical center "Doctor Profi" you can sign up for a consultation with an experienced oncologist who will help determine the presence of neoplasms, their nature and dynamics of development, prescribe the necessary examinations and draw up a treatment plan.

For diagnostics, our center uses modern methods and the latest equipment. These are laboratory and ultrasound studies, biopsy.

An oncologist will help:

  • Diagnose neoplasms, determine their nature: benign or malignant.
  • Prescribe treatment and therapy.
  • Conduct an examination after the stage of treatment, determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

High-quality diagnostics and the experience of the doctors of the Doctor Profi center allows you to prescribe effective treatment and successfully fight the disease!

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Oncologists of the clinic "Doctor PROFI"
Doctor-mammologist, oncologist
The highest qualification category
Associate professor, candidate of medical sciences, oncologist
The highest qualification category

Advantages of contacting an oncologist at "Doctor PROFI"

Experienced medical staff

Our oncologists are our pride. These are professionals in their field, candidates of medical sciences with more than 20 years of successful work, annually confirm their qualifications and additional training from leading specialists, but they themselves conduct training seminars and courses.

Multidisciplinary clinic

The Doctor PROFI clinic is a multidisciplinary family medical center, so if you need advice from related specialists, you do not have to go to another clinic.


For diagnostics, our center uses modern methods and the latest equipment. These are laboratory and ultrasound examinations, biopsy, cytological and histological examinations of punctates and tissue samples.

Referral to the oncology center

If necessary, the specialists of the clinic "Doctor PROFI" will send you to the oncological dispensary.

Own clinical diagnostic laboratory

If necessary, you can pass tests without queues, which will be required for a diagnosis and further treatment. The result will be ready on the same day! A high-quality procedure for collecting material, its storage and immediate transportation allows you to establish an accurate diagnosis for targeted treatment.

Convenient parking and On-line appointment

Around the medical center, which is located near the bus stop "Lopatina 7", there is a large convenient parking lot. An appointment with a specialist can be easily reached both by public transport and by car. You can make an appointment with the clinic's specialists by calling 7503 (A1, MTS, Life), +375 (29) 323-75-03 Contacts viber and through the clinic's website - fill out a feedback form or order a call. For your convenience, the clinic has cash and non-cash payments.